Eliminate Last Minute Denture Emergencies

We prescribe a Plus One denture for every one of our denture patients.

The Plus One denture functions as:
1) a reproduction of the original denture in aesthetics and fit.
2) a non-embarassing spare denture that can be relined.

We can provide this with no extra chairtime because the Plus One is made from the same impression as the permanent denture.
Patients can wear the Plus One whenever their permanent denture is in for repair or relining, allowing us to schedule our paients better and offering the patient greater satisfaction.

No chance for patient embarassment

Our patients will be spared the embarrassment of ever having to appear in public without teeth; as well as the tremendous discomfort of trying to eat without them.

The cost of the Plus One to the patient is minimal.

Ask us about this service and allow us to provide you with the best dental service available.

Our office is comprised of general dentists who perform numerous procedures. In certain instances, referrals to specialists may be required.

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